Our New System for Intravitreal Injections

Clinical need

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of legal blindness in the industrialized world and ranks third as a cause of blindness on a global scale. This ophthalmic disease is a condition affecting elderly people and involves the loss of central vision until complete blindness.


To treat AMD ophthalmologists perform injections into the eye (intravitreal). Even more intravitreal drugs for an expanding spectrum of ophthalmic diseases are likely to be introduced to the market in the near future, thus, severely raising the number of intravitreal injections and the related health care costs.

Regulations vary among countries, even within Europe. In many countries injections in the eye are performed in any designated room without specific requirements (e.g. USA). In Switzerland injections are performed in a sterile operating room (OR) under laminar airflow lowering the risk of complications due to reduced bacterial load in the injection environment. However, the increased safety comes at significant cost.

Our System

Ophthorobotics is active in the development of a fully automated system that provides safe and highly precise injections into the eye. The state of the art technology utilizes specific sensors to identify and track patients’ eyes, and screens for counterfeit medication. The system is remotely controlled and monitored by the treating physician from the examination room or office. Patient safety and comfort are fundamental to the system design.

An automated injection system allows to abolish the bottleneck during current-day ophthalmic injections by increasing availability of injection facilities and resources in spite of growing numbers of patients. Economic sustainability is provided as the system can potentially be moved out of expensive operating rooms due to a locally generated sterile environment.

Key Advantages


• State-of-the-art ophthalmic treatment with cutting edge

• High-quality injections due to iris scan and precise eye tracking

• Automated video-documentation of each procedure

• Screen for counterfeit drugs / original medication

• Increased numbers of injections possible, without increased resources